Music you must check out!
My cup of tea! Jasmine Tea!

Jasmine tea is described as a very special tea with a subtle sweet flavor.

The name Jasmine comes from the fragrant flower of the same name, but can also be translated as "gift from God".

I know Jasmine Tea as a remarkable singer/songwriter. And I can honestly say she is a very special gift from God! Her music is her gift to the world! If asked to describe her music I’d say it’s rock,blues, world, lounge, … just fantastic music that would appeal to fans of most any genre. Her voice is smooth, rich, and sweet! A pure listening pleasure! The lyrics are heartfelt and sincere. They paint a wonderful story. Her music has strong rhythms that mesmerize the audience. Sometimes the guitar work reminds me of Santana. Such as in the songs “who you are (in the dark)” with Michael Styron. For those guitar fans you should also check out “Begin again”(w/hl4m ft.gary carciello & shane). My personal favorite song is “LuvU4 ever” (ft. Shane). Beautiful music and lyrics. Anyway, everyone should check out this amazing artist! you can find her at